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Club By-Laws

per AMA guidelines 2014



 Mid-Virginia Radio Control Club (MVRCC)


 To promote the building and flying of radio control model aircraft in the Mid-Virginia area and to support the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and the hobby, through community involvement.


 MEMBER - Anyone of any age who supports the purpose of the club.

  1. Must be, and remain, a member of the AMA.

  2. New members must attend club meeting when being voted into club. The President may grant exceptions.
  3. Dues for members age 18 or over are $75 per year, with new members paying a $25 initiation fee. Membership is free for applicants under the age of 18.

Dues will be pro-rated at $6.25 for each month left in the current membership year. The membership year shall begin on 1 July and end on 30 June the following year. Renewal dues must be paid by 30 June or an initiation fee will be assessed.

 HONORARY MEMBERSHIP - Anyone is eligible to be granted this status. A 2/3-majority vote of a quorum at a monthly meeting is required for election. Honorary members will receive the newsletter, pay no annual dues, but have no voting privileges.  They will have flying privileges provided they are AMA members.

 GUEST POLICY- Guests of the MVRCC are welcome to fly three times before membership is required.

  1. They must be accompanied by a current member of MVRCC in good standing
  2. They must be a current member of the AMA
  3. They must follow all Club and AMA rules and policies.
  4. An experienced member must assist and validate skills before flying without a spotter or buddy box.

 ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY GUEST- Active duty military AMA members may fly as a guest at any time but will be held to the same expectations of conduct outlined in the guest policy.


 Any changes to the by-laws are to be proposed and discussed at a regular meeting. ALL MEMBERS shall be notified of proposed changes. The next meeting after notification, proposed change(s) will be voted on, with a 2/3 of majority of members present is required to pass. Those unable to attend decision meeting may vote by submitting a written proxy naming a member attending the decision meeting to cast the absent member’s vote.

 V. Board of Directors. 

 The Board of Directors (BOD) will consist of following elected officers:

  1. President - Serves as presiding officer at meetings, Board of Director meetings, and represents the club at social events as required.
  2. Vice-President - Shall assist the President in performance of duties as requested. In the absence of the President, is in charge of regular and Board of Directors meetings.
  3. Secretary/Treasurer – He shall maintain accurate records of club meetings. Is responsible for all communications to and from the club as directed by BOD, be the custodian of all records (passing them to successor), maintain official club membership, and AMA rosters. He shall be responsible for collection and disbursement of all moneys per direction of the Board of Directors. Shall maintain club accounts, ensure that monies received are deposited and bills promptly paid. He is responsible for issuing membership cards to each new and renewing member.

 VI. Club Officers.

 The Club officers shall consist of the elected members of the BOD and the following officers appointed by the BOD:

  1.  Newsletter Editor - Shall publish a newsletter following the monthly meeting which will contain information discussed at the last meeting as well special events, information regarding safety matters, club business, and other information as directed by the BOD.
  2. Member-at-Large - Shall act as an ombudsman (trouble shooter) for the MVRCC club membership and serve as Field Safety Officer.

 Meeting of the Club Officers held to discuss Club business must have at least two of the three elected officers present.

 VII. Duties of the Board of Directors.

  1. The BOD will manage the day-to-day affairs of the Club and is empowered to act in the name of the club in cases of necessary action between meetings.
  2. The BOD may assign responsibilities to other Club members depending upon tasks and expertise required.
  3. The BOD is charged with developing rules and programs designed to promote greater acceptance of the hobby and general enjoyment of flying RC model aircraft.


  1.  The terms of elected officers will begin on 1 January. In order to ensure continuity and prevent the need to reelect the entire BOD yearly, effective with the November 2014 election, the term of the elected officers shall be two years, with the exception of the President, who will serve a single one year term (2015), then be elected a two-year beginning 1 January 2016.
  2. If an officer resigns mid-term, the BOD may appoint a replacement to serve the remaining term.
  3. Election procedures:
    1. Nominations to be made at the September meeting.
    2. Nominees will be published in October newsletter.
    3. Ballots will be cast at November meeting. Members who cannot attend may submit a written ballot to the member-at-large who will represent the absent members. A previously issued proxy that is still valid can be used by the person to whom the proxy is assigned.
  4. The removal of officer(s) for non-performance of duties shall be accomplished at a regular meeting, with notice of such action being published by the Newsletter Editor at least one week prior to the meeting. The senior officer present shall preside. A two-thirds majority vote of a quorum is required to remove an officer.


  1.  Grounds for revocation:
    1. Non-payment of MVRCC dues.
    2. Non-current AMA membership.
    3. Failure to comply with an Arbitration Committee decision
    4. Repeated acts of unsportsman-like conduct.
    5. Repeated violations of Field and Safety Rules.
  2.  Procedures for revocation:
    1. Revocation will be automatic, on the date of occurrence, without need of notice to the member for 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.
    2. Revocation for 1.4 and 1.5 will require a discussion of events leading to the proposed revocation and a vote of two-thirds of members attending a regular meeting. The Newsletter Editor shall publish notice of the proposed revocation vote, without specifics, at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which such a vote will be held.


 The MVRCC is a non-profit organization and does not issue stock or apportion assets to any member. In the event the club ceases to function and a decision to liquidate is made, either by a two-thirds majority member vote or by a failure to elect at least three members of the BOD, all monies will be distributed equally to members. Material assets will be sold based upon a value established by a committee headed by the last serving Secretary/Treasurer. Club members will have first choice to purchase assets.


  1.  The MVRCC shall meet at least once per month, at a time and place to be designated by the Board of Directors and agreement by membership.
  2. A minimum of 20 percent of the Club’s membership shall constitute a quorum to transact business.
  3. Order of Business will be as follows:
    1. Call to order
    2. Introduction of new members and/or guests.
    3. Reading of Minutes of previous meeting.
    4. Treasurer’s report.
    5. Old business.
    6. New business.
    7. Member’s voice
    8. Adjournment
  4. Monthly programs/presentations may follow club meetings.



 OBJECTIVE: To provide a means of resolving disputes between MVRCC members.


 These arbitration guidelines shall be used to settle disputes between MVRCC members resulting from violations of club safety rule, written or common practice, damage to property or persons resulting from the operation of radio control models, or conduct unbecoming of members.

 Compliance with an Arbitration Committee decision is mandatory in order to remain a Club member.


 It is recognized that the operation of radio control models has some inherent risks such as radio failure, mid-air contact, structural failures, disorientation, etc. and are accepted consequences of the hobby. Club and AMA safety rules, written or common practice, are to be followed at all times.

The conduct of club members while utilizing the Club field, attending Club meetings or activities should reflect a high degree of camaraderie, civil behavior and respect for the diversity, rights and well being of other members.


The Arbitration Committee shall consist of three members:

  1. The President or Vice-President.
  2. One member selected by the plaintiff.
  3. One member selected by defendant

 Step 1 - A plaintiff requests a hearing by the Arbitration Committee. This request shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the President or Vice-President.

 Step 2 - The President or Vice-President notifies the parties (plaintiffs/defendants) of the request to arbitrate and requests the names of their candidates to serve on the Arbitration Committee and the names of any witnesses to offer testimony.

 Step 4 - After all Arbitration Committee members are confirmed, the President or Vice-President sets a date and time for the arbitration hearing.

 Step 5 - Arbitration Hearing

  1.  The President or Vice-President calls the meeting to order, reviews the request to arbitrate, identifies the plaintiff/defendants and witnesses, reviews the steps of the process, and responds to any process questions.
  2. The plaintiff is granted ten minutes to explain their position. During this time only the Arbitration Committee can ask questions or communicate with the plaintiff. The Arbitration Committee may extend this ten-minute time limit if deemed justified.
  3. The defendant is granted ten minute to explain his position and respond to the allegations. During this time only the Arbitration Committee can ask questions or communicate with the plaintiff. The Arbitration Committee may extend this ten-minute time limit if deemed justified. 
    1. Witnesses - During steps 5B and 5C, the plaintiffs/defendants each may call one witness to offer testimony. During witness testimony, the Arbitration Committee and the plaintiff/defendant that called the witness can ask questions or communicate with the witness.

  4. After steps 5B and 5C, each plaintiff/defendant will be granted five minutes to make a closing statement. During this time only the Arbitration Committee can ask questions or communicate with the plaintiff. Arbitration Committee may extend this five-minute time limit if deemed justified.

 Steps 6 - Arbitration Committee Ruling

 After completion of steps 5A through 5D, the Arbitration Committee shall meet in private to develop their recommendation. The recommendation shall result from agreement of at least two of the Arbitration Committee members.

 The recommendations developed by the Arbitration Committee shall be intended to reduce the impact of loss and damage to the parties of the arbitration. In developing recommendations, the Arbitration Committee shall consider:

  1. Was there gross negligence on the part of the plaintiff/defendant?
  2. In cases of property damage, will the recommendation place undue hardship on a plaintiff/defendant?
  3. Did the plaintiff/defendant make a reasonable attempt to resolve the issue?
  4. Is the situation the result of normal risks associated with the hobby?
  5. Could the situation have been avoided by reasonable actions of either party?
  6. Is there a clear and unquestionable determination of who is at fault?

 The Arbitration Committee will then present their findings and action to be taken to the plaintiffs/defendants.

 The results of any Arbitration hearing shall be announced at the next regularly scheduled club meeting and shall be entered into the minutes of the meeting.










Mid-Virginia Radio Control Club (MVRCC)






I, _________________________________________ , a voting member


of the MVRCC, do hereby appoint




as my proxy to vote in my stead on all matters that may come before any meeting of the Club which is determined to have a quorum and at which I am not present. This proxy is valid for 12 months from the date below or sooner if canceled by me.



Signed: __________________________________________________________



Date: ___________________________________________________________